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georgina_stanley_colornew It is my pleasure to welcome you to the new-look We have rebuilt the site from the ground up, following extensive research with our users and analysis of best practice in digital media. The site is now fully responsive, meaning that it should work equally well on your desktop computer and your mobile device. This reflects our subscribers’ increasing need to access our journalism while on the move. We have also worked hard to ensure our longer-form journalism is more prominent, better presented and easier to find. For example, the Legal Week Top 50 – our comprehensive analysis of the financial results of the leading UK firms – now has a permanent berth on the homepage, alongside other showcase in-depth analysis. The end result, we hope, is a vastly-improved user experience for our subscribers, allowing us to consolidate our position as the most trusted information source for senior business lawyers. I hope you enjoy using this new site and look forward to rolling out further enhancements to it in the months to come.

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